Rare Planar Goods Vendors in Rift

In this article for my Rift Guide, I wanted to go over a few things about the Rare Planar Goods vendors who exist around the Telara and peddle their goods.

Planar Goods Vendors vs Rare Planar Goods Vendors

The first thing to note is that there are usually two vendors: a Planar Goods vendor and a Rare Planar Goods vendor. This is a very important distinction.

The Planar Goods vendor usually sells completely worthless items like the random lesser planar essences. Do yourself a favor: avoid these and save the planarite. If you really need planar essences you can trade these in at the Rare Planar Goods vendors while leveling up or at the various faction vendors once you hit level 50.

Finding Rare Planar Goods Vendors

If you do not know where to find these vendors, then this Rift Guide has a great tip for you. First off, in your starting zones (Freemarch / SIlverwood), these vendors are at one of the first camps you get to (Rudi’s Wagon for Guardian and the small town – I can’t remember the name – at the top left of Freemarch).

At every other zone thereafter, the rare planar goods vendor appears at the major camp in the zone (where the Porticulum is).

To find them, simply click on the small icon next to the minimap (the one that looks like an eye) and check off “Merchants”. Now, all merchants will be marked with small money bag icons on the mini-map. Mouse over these icons to see what each merchant is selling. Zoom in on the mini-map if merchants are close to each other to help separate the bags on the mini-map.

When to Use Rare Planar Goods Vendors

The most important thing about this Rift guide is that many players do not realize when they should be using these vendors. First off, you have to ask yourself: how are you primarily leveling?

If you are leveling via questing, these vendors will be completely useless to you. If you quest, you level up so fast that you will quickly replace even the epic gear with greens within a few hours of playing. Take the advice of my Rift guide and avoid these items and save up for your Sigil of the Five (or the Defiant equivalent for the best Planar Capacitor).

However, on the other hand, if you are PvPing, the epic items are quite valuable as it takes a long time to level up via PvP. Also, when you PvP you do not always get gear upgrades, so this is a simple way to get gear upgrades without having to resort to boring quests.

Getting Sourceshard and Sourcestone

As you may have noticed, all the rare items require Sourceshards whereas all the epic items require Sourcestones. Getting these items is not always easy.

Sourceshards are fairly easy to get and drop from three places:

- Occassionally from minor Rifts that go to level 5 (not 100% chance drop)
- Nearly 100% of the time from Major Rifts that go to level 5 (as long as your participation meter was high)
- Occasionally from Major RIfts that go to level 3
- From zone-wide event bosses (if your participation was low or it was a minor boss)

Sourcestones, on the other hand, are much harder to get (the epic quality ones). These in my experience only drop from the zone-wide event bosses.

However, they do not drop 100% of the time. They seem to only drop on the “biggest” of the zone-wide bosses. For example, some zone-wide bosses are spawned after closing ~5 Rifts and defeating ~15 invasions. These zone bosses almost always drop sourceshards instead of sourcestone.

On the other hand, “large” bosses (like Cinderon in Silverwood) which require 20 Rifts to be sealed or have several stages (close rifts, defeat footholds, then defeat boss) are much more likely to drop sourcestones.

Rift Guide Conclusion

You can get rare and epic rewards from Rare Planar Vendors which spawn in the major camp in nearly every zone. These vendors allow you to trade your planarite, sourcestones, and sourceshards for good items. However, for the best items, you will need to come up with sourceshards!