Best Rift Ranger Build

If you thinking about playing as a Ranger in Rift, you should make an effort to get a great Rift Ranger build. In this Rift guide I will go over the best Ranger build.

This Rogue soul is one of the best soloing souls for the Rogue in game, but is fairly weak for raw DPS and PvP.

Ranger Soloing Build

As mentioned above, the Ranger really shines for soloing. This is because you have a pet (greater Razorback) which can tank for you and you can give it powerful heals with Rejuvenation.

What you want to do is put about 44 points in Ranger and 21 points in Bard. This will allow you to pick up Coda of Restoration, Regeneration of Motif, and Cadence with healing from the Bard tree, which will go a long way.

What you then do is send your pet in on an enemy (or group of enemies) use Rejuvenation, then use Cadence –> Coda of Restoration twice and then refresh Rejuvenation.

By following this simple strategy, you can solo practically anything in the game.


This Rift Ranger Build guide would not be complete without a full discussion about pets. Most players have no idea how to use their pets properly and use them in all kinds of unusual circumstances.

Greater Razorback – The boar-type pet should be used primarily as a tank. It is good for nothing else and nothing less. If you need to tank something (i.e. playing solo or leveling up) you should have the boar out.

Dire Wolf – The Dire Wolf is has very little use at a high level. This pet deals more damage than the boar but less than the Blood Raptor. The main thing this pet does is apply a healing debuff. As mentioned earlier in this Rift guide, the Ranger is one of the worst Rogue souls for PvP anyway so why bother?

Blood Raptor – The blood raptor does great damage and can be used in instances. While this spec is not the ultimate PvE spec, it does have a lot it brings to the table:

  • Rain of Arrows is great DPS for trash packs as you can AoE enemies down.
  • Blood Raptor deals decent damage.
  • Can use Cadence, Motif of Regeneration, and Coda of Restoration to put out significant healing while still doing some damage.

To wrap up this Rift guide on the best Rift Ranger build, I recommend not using a third soul extensively as you are better off splitting the points between Ranger and Bard.